• Data Explorer,
    a new generation
    in BI software...

  • All Data

    Bring together all the information
    required for confident

  • All People

    Get alignment across people,
    teams and your business ecosystem
    and gain in efficiency.

  • One Software

    Leverage a single, easy to use, integrated platform
    for meeting BI and information
    management needs.

The Data explorer software breaks the barriers of traditional business intelligence to ensure that every person connected within an organization has trusted, immediate access to the business information they need to do their jobs. It provides a full spectrum of BI capabilities, ranging from reporting, query and analysis, and dashboards and visualization, to intuitive discovery. — Learn more


No custom coding!
No adds-on!
No expensive consultants!
No long implementation time.

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Out Of The Box

Data Explorer is an Out Of The Box data mining software. Data Explorer is the obvious software to manage all the data in your company.

"Data Explorer's user-friendly interface allows data editing and updating, reporting, charting and making of dashboards,mailing, exporting to standard formats."

About Boartwall

Boartwall was born on a simple idea: "What is the recurrent needs of a company?" Data extracting and exporting, analyses, internal reporting, check the KPI's, identify threaths and opportunities in order to take good decisions, improve the general organisation and the ROI.

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