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Data Explorer is the platform that combines data integration and data quality in the same single offering. With everyone having an easy user interface, companies are able to optimize their performance in ways that once seemed impossible.
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With a simple click, have an easy access to all of your data from multple sources (SAP,SQL, Oracle, etc...). You connect to your databases only once. Create views by selecting tables, view or stored procedures from your connected database.

Export data to standard formats: Excel, Html, Xml, CVS. Your are now able to extract everything in real time from your PC releaving your IT departement !



  • Extracting data from outside sources.
  • Transforming it to fit operational needs.
  • Loading it into the end target (database or Excel).

Merge data: combine data from multiple sources, including Excel or flat files, and present it in a single view.

Let our software import and organize data for you. Importations depending on user profile.



Display, update, filter, sort,
Use Data Explorer as a real tool to manage you data and
search on time the informations you need.

You can now manage your company info and change what you want in order to complete them. Upload you contact, photo, or any file and search inside the documents self.


DB Admin

Backup, fine tuning, updates...
Run any database script from Data Explorer.

Use Data explorer to administrate your sources. Easy for the end user, easy for your IT departement.



Business Intelligence systems can help companies gain more comprehensive knowledge of the factors affecting their business, and help companies make better business decisions. No waiting for updates reports. Just fast reporting to take quick decision.

In the era of social networks (Facebook, Twitter) think now to share your information and think BI. Share in time your dynamic reporting from your PC, mobile or via internet.It's simple to use, it is completely different of the traditional BI.


... And so
much more

Create mass mailing, upload pictures and document, track on a map your data (ex all you POS on a google map), schedul your reporting and share the information per mail, on intranet or mobile. Create and vizualize your dashboard with vocal explanation (your own voice). Check your data, your business... in one word: your company.