Boartwall, developping
softwares that helps.

Boartwall was born on a simple idea:
"what is the recurrent needs of a company?" Based on true story and long experience in business and IT, creative collegues decided to build and launch a new generation of BI.

  • Mimoun Marzouki, Head of development
  • X. Janssen, Head of Sales and Finances
  • S. Dehavay, Head of Marketing and Pm
  • D. Romainville, Head of Design

M. Marzouki: "We designed Data explorer to facilitate your strategic corporate decisions with the aid of easily customized and flexible user determined multidimensional data analysis, diverse presentation capabilities and forecasting tools."

After many years in pharmaceutical, logistical and IT companies as consultant Analyst Programmer, Database Admin and Team Leader.
He decides to create and to launch his first software.

The first but not the last! Because for him and his entourage,
it is a real passion.

A story To Follow...

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